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Dungeon Colony

Alpha 0.2.3.x


About Me

me My name is Sebastian Wolfram and I am working on Dungeon Colony. This is my first public indie game project and I can't wait to see how it evolves. If you have any comments or feedback contact me at the available contact options below.

I have a few toes in the game industry, mainly going to IGDA events or game conferences and the like. Before programming games, I have worked mostly on business applications (still do), but also on some AI such as Reinforcement Learning or Pattern Recognition algorithms, and things like web crawlers or tiny robots. My true passion in computing is creating Simulations and building sandboxes that are highly responsive to user input. To give you an idea for the inspiration behind Dungeon Colony, here is a list of my favorite classic games (not in order): Dungeon Keeper which is by far the biggest inspiration for the game, Monkey Island which has the best steel drum sound track ever, and also Populous, Doom, Syndicate, and Command & Conquer There is also a board game called Hero Quest that has seen some epic battles. Newer games I like are Minecraft, which was also a huge inspiration and I'm always returning to the Civ series. Nowadays, I try out tons of indie games, and play Skyrim and Portal 2. A while back, a couple of friends and I entered the Ludum Dare competition and made a game called Booster in the 72 hour jam.


If you want to get in contact, you can find me on twitter, IndieDB, tigforums, blogspot or via email.